So, hapflygirl, rynnweber, countzero2k7 and I went to a Renn Faire yesterday in Tennessee. It was absolutely and totally awesome. It was the first full-sized one I had been to. It was more than I would’ve ever imagined. The big plus about SciFi conventions in comparison, though, is that at least you’re inside and away from that sweltering and melanoma-izing sun. A great time was had by all, me thinks.

I think my favorite parts were the human chess game and the jousting. I definitely recommend it, to anyone who is ever in the area in the few weeks before and during Memorial Day.

Obligatory pics

So, I was looking in my handy dandy starcharts, trying to find Gliese 581. I had the RA/DE coordinates, but I couldn’t find the star in Burnham’s Celestial Handbook. I found stars that were close to the coordinates, but certainly not exact. Stellarium is just frickin’ awesome. It’s a planetarium/star chart program written by *GASP* the French! Who knew they’d be able to chug out something cool and useful like this? 🙂

Anyway, I found Gliese 581. It was actually designated HP 74995, which I was able to cross-reference via Wiki. It’s in Libra, just beside the star that represents the top side of the scale.