This series Zahn has constructed has been a wonderful one. It has been a true pleasure to delve into the world and thoughts of Grand Admiral Thrawn.

While the scope of this particular trilogy doesn’t seem to hold, for me, the same scope and grandeur as the tales of Thrawn pre-Disney, and I also knew of his ultimate fate (to this point) in Star Wars: Rebels, the overarching trilogy was a great origin tale for he and the Chiss.

This particular trilogy holds the interesting distinction of being exclusively from the perspective of the Empire. Despite knowing it was headed by a despotic dictator in Palpatine, I got the feel of Thrawn and company as being the “good guys”. Definitely an odd, and fascinating, position to be in after reading everything Republic/Rebel/New Republic in perspective.

He showed loyalty towards the machine, but he also showed loyalty towards his crew—and the Chiss—at the same time. I didn’t get the impression of him as being one of the “boot-lickers” that was described in the original trilogy novel adaptation of “A New Hope”. Fitting for his character, as becomes obvious over the course of this trilogy.

I hope this isn’t the last we see of Thrawn.