About Me

Well, if you’ve come here you probably know a few things about me, anyway. But, I have lived here and there, I make my living as a code monkey, and I geek out on the side when I’m not doing that. My favorite games are CS:GO and I–reluctantly–like Rocket League on occasion. I seem to have more bad-to-average nights with that game than good, but it still isn’t completely awful.

I started this blog a few years ago as a means of getting into writing, and I have stuff even further back from my LiveJournal days. Hopefully, this time it will stick and maybe I can get to work in earnest on that Great American Novel 😉

I’m a huge Cubs fan. If 2016 is the only time I get to see a Cubs World Series, I think I’ll probably die a happy Cubs fan. That was a completely unreal season, one that I’m certainly never going to forget.

I’m happily married with three wonderful little girls. All my ladies are, truly, the greatest.