From my bro’s site,

In other news, I have a sore throat today. I’ve had it over the past couple of days, but it really got frickin’ raw last night. I lost sleep. Booo! So, I’m taking off and headed to the doc today and resting up. Here’s hoping it’s nothing big.

Ruthie threw me a party yesterday for my birthday. It wasn’t really all that big a surprise for me, I guess. I knew that something would probably be afoot 🙂 Aaron suggested a LAN on that day, Ruthie and I had gone to Michael’s over the week leading up to it where she was looking for cake stuff. And, Friday night Ruthie wouldn’t let me chill at her place because “The Plague” was there 🙂

Of course, what I didn’t know was that the cake was going to be in the shape of an XB 360 😀 So, go figure, during a 360 birthday LAN party we ate an XB 360 🙂 It really was quite the yummy cake; Ruthie used fondant, which was really tough for a plastic fork but very good. And the biggest surprise of that day was that my bro showed up. So, he got to partake in cake, birthday door prizes and some killin’ on the 360. Mostly, we played Call of Duty 4. I don’t know if that sold him or not, but Keith says he’s getting a 360 next week. I certainly look forward to kicking his booty over XB Live 🙂

I got a VGA cable for the 360 via eBay this past week for $5. Even after the shipping, it was still 1/4 of the price for the retail crap that’s out there–$39.99 for an “official” VGA cable. Boooooo! This one suited me just fine at the LAN, thank you very much. I like paying what a cable is worth rather than what it’s licensed for 😛

I got a really kewl Mage shirt from Ruthie, official Blizzard merchandise, of course 😀 Matt & Rynn got me 1600 XB Live points. w00t! I also got one of the door prizes, Snakes on a Plane. I hadn’t seen that one before. Should be interesting. My bro got me season one of Jericho–we already watched four of them over at the ‘rentals today. Between all of that and the wings feast they made, it was quite the happy birthday 😀

Ruthie throws very awesome parties, and Aaron and Beth are certainly quite the smashing hosts 🙂

Today, I’ve been chillin’ at the folks, spendin’ a lil time with the bro before he headed back–he left a short while ago. Now that he’s only 3.5-4 hours away in Atlanta, he’ll probably be popping around once a month instead of every four. w00t! My folks got me a $50 gift certificate to a rather swanky haircutting place…but, I swear I don’t need one yet 🙂