So, here I am sitting in the Memphis airport. It’s a decent lil thoroughfare, with some good eateries (not McDonald’s) and spiffy WiFi. I’m always on the lookout for famous people as I trudge across the terminals. No sightings as-of yet. I did meet Jim Hendry one time, going through Dallas–he’s the Cubs general manager and, alas, probably the most famous I’ve met. lol…and knowing it, at least.

I’m headed to Louisville for the weekend to attend a Christmas party with Ruthie’s side of the family. It should be spiffy.

I started reading Twilight on the plane. Thus far, it is identical to the movie. Of course, it’s a teen novel so I think it probably won’t get all that sophisticated…but, ya never know. Very great book so far, though.

I have a Tauren going now on Kirin Tor. He’s 18 right now, and leveling fairly rapidly. He’s a Shammmy. I’m trying to still figure out his place in the grand scheme of things…is he a tank? a healer? a DPS dealer? Heck if I know, though I’m currently spec-ing him for Restoration…I guess a healer, at least for now. I’ll be an even better healer when I can get tons of totems for AoE healing 😀

Anyhoo…gotta fly 😉