Chillin in Disney! w00t. They charge $10 frelling dollars per day for internet access, so I might do every other day on the net.. They really know how to charge out the arse, that’s for frelling sure. It’s not even wireless, either, as advertised.. But, I think I’d take 100Mbps over 11 or 54 any day..

The trip down was alright, I suppose.. I watched ROTK for much of the way. The extended version is totally a must get for those doofuses who haven’t gotten it yet 😛 Nothing plot-essential was really added, as always.. Just bonus stuff, really. Enough for any LOTR-head to drool over, for sure.

Tomorrow night, we get to see Gary Sinise tell the Christmas Story. I guess it’s a bit of a substitute for Midnight Mass–without the Communion, of course. I’m pretty sure it’s a story about the birth of Christ, and not some bubbly Mickey’s Christmas Carol thing–although that would still be fairly entertaining. Anyhoo, there’s a big fancy dinner to go along with it. It should be quite uber nice.

I’m not sure which park we’re going to do tomorrow–I guess it’ll be kind of a flip-a-coin kind of day. The past two times we’ve been here, we’ve started at the Magic Kingdom.. I wouldn’t mind that at all, as I have never been on the Tower of Terror, or in the new Haunted Mansion 🙂

Anyhoo, I guess I will write a little bit every day offline and post it all in one fell swoop on the last night. I can hopefully live without the hallowed Internet until then 🙂

Merry Christmas to everyone!