I saw a slug melting on the side of the road

It’s 88 degrees here with a heat index of 95. I do believe summer has come. Bleh. I think I’d like to take a dip in the pool again tonight. It’s definitely a good time to stay inside and not die of heat stroke. I’ll probably do my riding in the late evenings. And probably a lot of swimming 🙂 If I continue this kickboxing stuff with Ruthie, thank goodness that’s inside 😀

I got two “new” games for my PS2: Final Fantasy X and the most recent Tomb Raider (Angel of Darkness). I got quite frustrated, trying to beat Dooku in a lightsaber battle in Episode III, so I decided to expand the game library a little. I really like this PS2 thing, and I can’t believe I haven’t consistently console-gamed since the Atari 7800 🙂 Games have most certainly come a long way.

This weekend went by like the breeze that doesn’t exist right now. I blinked and it was gone *sigh* Definitely not fun, having weekends that are gone in a blink, but it was a pretty damn good one.

On Friday evening, Ruthie and I went over to friends of hers, Chris and Cheryl. They had some guy there demo-ing cookware. We all got a free meal out of the deal. Ryan Flynn was there, a guy I know from my Computer Engineering days. He’s actually going back to UAH to finish his bachelors quite soon. He’s quite the character. Fun at parties. You have to learn very quickly not to be very sensitive around him, and take pretty much everything he says with a grain of salt.

Today I am chilling with the folks, and I will be cooking chicken for all of them shortly. It’s been a while since I’ve made some, so this should defintiely be quite yummy.

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