I Saw the Falcon!!!

I got another new geeky toy over the weekend; the LifeDrive. It’s pretty rocking. I put my Tungsten E on eBay. The best part of the LifeDrive is it’s Wi-Fi capability, something that the Tungsten E sorely lacked in. I synced wirelessly for the first time yesterday evening, and it went by in a flash. Of course, Wi-Fi is a huge battery hog, so I don’t see myself doing any real hardcore surfing with it. It’s a pretty nifty little thing to have in a PDA, though. I can fit all my frickin episodes of Clone Wars on this lil thing 🙂

My bro and I accompanied my dad to his first viewing of Episode III. It seemed as though he liked it; it seemed to get the job done for him in tying things up. That’s all that the movie was really all about, anyway.

I did a good bit of gaming over the weekend, though it was only over the web. I finally played a little bit of Guild Wars after a bit of a respite, as well.

My mom is making some pizza burgers this evening. They’re really awesome and cool. Basically, it’s just a hamburger with pizza sauce and mozerella; quite tasty.

I need to get going on reserving some plane tix for Colorado in a couple of weeks. I always call these things close. Next time, I swear I’m going to reserve a month ahead of time 😛

Lost an LJ friend today 🙁 Good luck to mocha_nutt; destiny has swept her elsewhere. I enjoyed reading her entries because of her masterful use of the English language, coupled with her insights into life, the universe and everything. I wish her the best of luck as does all her other friends, I’m sure.

They still haven’t found that missing Alabama teen that’s missing in Aruba :-\ I do hope they find her alive. There are too many of these stories that end tragically. It’s been a while; one can only hope.

The rains have stopped around here, replaced by forboding gray skies. I think that it’s all over for now. Nothing violent really happened, thank goodness. We may be beyond tornado season, but you never know what mean stuff that tropical weather can create.

PS2 still rocks.

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