Gettin’ the Geek On

I saw War of the Worlds last night with Ruthie. Now that was a frakking kewl movie 🙂

I’m still reading the book again (for the first time in over a decade and a half) and, so far, they’re pretty well in-tune with each other–well, except for the fact that the book takes place in the late 19th century while the movie takes place in the early 21st, the guy is a deadbeat dad, and he has an ex-wife and two kids.

The tripods were almost exactly what I would’ve imagined them to be–even the heat ray. The aliens themselves were a bit different; they kind of looked like a cross between the aliens of the original movie and Independence Day. The aliens of the book had more leathery skin, and a “v-shaped mouth”.

From what I remember of the rest of the book, the plot flowed in pretty much the same direction, especially in the end.

The Summer of Geek continues 🙂

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