So at frickin 1am this morning, I wake up to a gigantic thud. It wasn’t the sound of me rolling off the bed, but of something hitting the wall. I almost thought Penny, being her doofus little self, was rough-housing a little too much.

But then I hear yelling coming from the apartment below. Really loud yelling. Bleh. I guess the neighbor downstairs and his significant other were duking it out over something.

I stayed up a little while and fooled around in Linux for a bit. I guess the yelling must’ve lasted 30-45 minutes before finally cooling down. I was about to take pktaxwench‘s advice and call the cops, but the gf finally left–or someone left because I heard the outer door slam and all got quiet.

This wasn’t quite as bad as when the uberly fat neighbors upstairs at my old place almost busted down my door all because they were too big to squeeze in their car that they parked next to my roommate’s truck–so close that you could barely fit a piece of paper between the two vehicles. We didn’t know who it was at the door, so we didn’t answer and the banging got louder and louder. Now that was crazy-go-nuts.

Not a frickin’ good night. But, at least I’ll probably sleep like a baby tonight.

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