Go Cubs Go

So the next couple of days, we’re going to be seeing the Cubbies lose–I mean play. It should be a h00t. They’ve been losing their butts over the last couple of weeks, but no big.. I’ve seen the Cubbies lose before. The life of the Cubs fan is definitely the life of the loser 😉

Today the game is at 1:20 and it’s on WGN. I don’t believe the game is on anything but local Chicago TV tomorrow *kicks stupid local Chicago TV*

Walked around Chicago most of the day yesterday. We tried to go to MSI in the afternoon yesterday–never try to get into MSI in the afternoon. The line to get in is longer than most lines at Disney World. We’re probably going again Thursday morning.

Anyhoo, we definitely got the exercise–it almost felt like we walked from one end of downtown to the other. It was saweet 🙂

The Discovery landed safe & sound at Edwards AFB. w00t!!

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