Well, this can’t be good. I got a message from a guy on eBay, the guy to whom I sold my iBook. He says it hasn’t arrived. Fortunately, I just happened to have the receipt from the post office in my jacket. I’m going to scan it and email it to him tomorrow. This is quite disturbing, indeed :-\ While a receipt can’t necessarily say much of anything, I suppose that it can say that I did, indeed send it. I’d better keep a number of copies of that scan around, just to be paranoid–it’s all I have :-\

On the plus side, I had quite the awesome Monday-like Tuesday. I was tired for most of the day, and will definitely get a good night in this fine eve. It’s 44 degrees here. Practically a sauna. lol.

I started playing some Morrowind this weekend again. I’m getting the itch for Oblivion, which doesn’t come out for another month. I even got Ruthie into Morrowind 😀 She seems to like it so far, though it’s much easier to attack in Morrowind than World of Warcraft. She just needs to learn where not to point her blades 🙂

Other than that, it’s been fairly uneventful around these parts; just a plane jane week. Since it’s getting warmer, and it seems to be staying lighter later again, I think I’ll start getting some hardcore riding in again. I need to refit the Trek after the long humid winter and get her ship-shape again.

I burned my first Dual Layer DVD over the weekend. My first burn was a backup of my mp3 collection. Sadly enough, all of my mp3s fit on one DL disc. Not only did I jump into Napster a bit late, but I jumped in when I was on dial-up, which made it even worse. So, I have an itty bitty lil music collection. Anyhoo, DL discs are nice, if not expensive.

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