So, I went to my first hockey game ever last night. I went to the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) for a good frickin’ amount of time and I never ever went to one before, ironically enough. Instead of a football team, my alma mater touts a pretty kick-ass hockey team–which almost seems like it’d be sacrilegious here in the south, considering how mad everyone else is about football 😉

It was a really interesting game. Those who’ve been to hockey games before told me that those games outside of the collegiate arena (NHL, pro, etc) are definitely a bit more violent. Both sides found themselves with power plays quite often, especially in the last period.

Ultimately, UAH won the game 6-1 despite having as many as three players in the penalty box in the last period (the 1 point scored by Wayne State was in the second period, so they really worked pretty hard to hold them back).

Today, I have a tummy ache :-\ Maybe it was the popcorn last night, maybe the wings I ate after. I’m not sure :-\ I think that I would most certainly like to take this day to rest and relax. And maybe watch some Olympic hockey 😀

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