So, Ruthie and I went to a Renn Faire in a place called Ardmore, TN/AL. Part of the town is in TN and the other in AL. It’s a very small town. I think if you go into any retailer in that town, they all play country music. Quite sickening, really. lol.

Anyhoo, the Renn Faire was actually quite small compared to the one that happens in Florence every October. Just a 10 or so vendors encircling an area in the center where they had displays of dancing and swordfighting. It wasn’t too bad, but I think that I was pondering it would be bigger than that–I don’t think I’ve seen the full force of a Renn Faire yet. Maybe there’s a big one in Nashville.

I’m up to level 58 in WoW. I did my first Strat group last night. Stratholme looks a lot like Stormwind, the human capitol of Azeroth. The only difference is that the city, or at least the part that I got through, was full of undead and ghosts of citizens. Anyhoo, before you know it, I’ll be raiding for nothing more then rep and for the thrill of raiding.

It looks like her stories were written a while back, but this is the first time I’ve seen the accounts of Elena Filatova, and her supposed journies into the contaminated lands of Chernobyl. “Ghost Town” and “Land of the Wolves” are the stories.

I doubt a number of elements of her story, though the pictures are quite striking. In some cases, I even doubt the pictures. For the most part, the pictures remind me a bit of the lands that I travelled through in Half-Life 2. Perhaps they modelled the lay of the land after the likes of Chernobyl.

My first reaction, of course, is that this is a tall tale. Still, it’s enthralling to see the pictures and read some of her account her travels.

This has been the most beautiful Easter weekend I’ve experienced in a long time. Holy Thursday was a very nice Mass. Good Friday was very spectacular, with the Veneration of the Cross. And yesterday was the best of all. I went to Confession, something I don’t do nearly enough–the Catholic Church thinks you should go at least once a year, but I think that more would definitely be quite helpful to my soul. Ruthie was welcomed into the Church, was Confirmed, and had her First Communion all in one night–an amazing whirlwind, and a very awesome event to be there and be a part of. I’m so happy for her 🙂

Today will be a very kewl day of relaxing with the parents. It looks like it’ll be a fairly nice day–no tornadoes to speak of 🙂 Just a good bit windy, me thinks.

I finally got my taxes sent off yesterday–I had done them back in February, but procrastinated sending them off until yesterday. It’s good to have that off my chest. I’m glad that electronic filing is out there 🙂 It lets the procrastinators be procrastinators.

I got a 2GB SD card the other day, great deal off eBay. It seems way too large to use in my camera. I can’t imagine organizing 1500+ pictures all at one time. I prefer a smaller card (128MB) for all of that, unless I know I’m going to be away from the laptop for a good time, or I’m too lazy or organize them. With a 4MP camera, that’s 96 pictures. That’s quite enough, when I’m usually a stickler for going in and renaming them. I’ll probably pop the card in my Pocket PC or something.

So, yea, last night we were ravaged by a bunch of storms. I thought March was supposed to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb 😛 I spent the night at the folks, since I was in their neighborhood while watching Doctor Who at friends. I also brought Penny, since I didn’t wanna keep her in a 2nd floor apartment during the shenanigans, who I have kept in the same room as me and I have heard her shuffling around all night. I think she was rummaging through my old stuff. lol.

This week was fairly uneventful. I don’t think I’ve mentioned the accident I got in last week; A “Handi-Ride” Huntsville bus hit the rear end of my Ion. It’s a short bus that I believe is used to transport the sick and elderly. It was around the hospital in the downtown-type area. It was their fault, obviously, and I just now got around to getting an estimate. I’m glad I’m not paying for it!

Ruthie has been in Louisville all week, and will get home in about 2 short hours–probably less because I got a voicemail from her saying that she’s in Nashville. w00 h00! I have definitely missed her big time.

Today…who knows? We’ll see. I will be babysitting my parents’ dog because they’re going to get the carpets steamed.

Cubs are 2-1 after a pretty big rout of the Cards yesterday. w00t!