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So, Ruthie and I went to a Renn Faire in a place called Ardmore, TN/AL. Part of the town is in TN and the other in AL. It’s a very small town. I think if you go into any retailer in that town, they all play country music. Quite sickening, really. lol.

Anyhoo, the Renn Faire was actually quite small compared to the one that happens in Florence every October. Just a 10 or so vendors encircling an area in the center where they had displays of dancing and swordfighting. It wasn’t too bad, but I think that I was pondering it would be bigger than that–I don’t think I’ve seen the full force of a Renn Faire yet. Maybe there’s a big one in Nashville.

I’m up to level 58 in WoW. I did my first Strat group last night. Stratholme looks a lot like Stormwind, the human capitol of Azeroth. The only difference is that the city, or at least the part that I got through, was full of undead and ghosts of citizens. Anyhoo, before you know it, I’ll be raiding for nothing more then rep and for the thrill of raiding.

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