Was that a good trip 🙂 The Cubbies ended up winning 2/3 while we were there. They lost the last one we saw at Hohokam 2-3 against the Angels. It was a good game with mostly good pitching. Wood pitched in this game and all 3 runs were scored during his watch *sigh* I think he’s going to be good for nothing but bullpen action, at least at this point.

The flight home was shorter than going out there. It was 30 minutes shorter; we must’ve gotten a pretty damn good tail wind. I’m all about shorter spans of sitting in a relatively small place on an airplane. Mind you, I don’t mind flying but there is only so much of sitting on one’s booty that one can sanely take.

Didn’t get any pics of cacti for pktaxwench. We really didn’t get out in the desert much. We stayed in the Mesa/Phoenix/Scottsdale area. We didn’t even get to go all the way out to Tuscon this time. But, it was still a really awesome trip.

I just watched the episode. OMG!!!

So, I still don’t know if they’re really a bunch of Cylons or not. Certainly, hearing the music was pretty weird. I just don’t know if that necessarily means that they’re of the final five.

And Starbuck?!?! WHOA!! Now that was pretty frakking weird. The very fact that she was in a ship that showed up as “Unknown” on Dradis makes me wonder if she’s one of the final five. The Cylons have certainly gotten Raptors before, so why not Vipers?

I’m still in denial, along with the President, that Baltar was let off. And what the heck is up with the people who took him away? What have they been smoking to see him in such godly fashion?

Anyhoo, I have heard that the series is going to pick up again in ’08. Between now and then, there is supposedly going to be a mini-series. I’d presume that it’s going to pick up where the finale left off, but who knows? We can only hope 😛

I mean, just…wow. That finale might’ve been the greatest since Locutus was paraded out for the Borg.

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