I’m still alive! Just haven’t written in a while. hehe. Not too terribly much has gone on, though. Workin’, gamin’, it’s even warm enough to do some swimmin’ now.

A Steak & Shake has opened in Huntsville. It’s a very good place. It doesn’t rank as high on my list as Fuddruckers, but it’s still pretty dang good. It seems as though it’s the lunch time place of choice around here, because it’s been hellish every frickin’ time we’ve gone.

I finished watching the first season of Lost. Not a bad show. On to season two. It’ll be interesting to see where they go from here.

Jericho ended its run for the season last night. That was a pretty good one. Sad ending, but it made sense. The death of Johnston was a surprise, though. He’s such a strong character. I have a feeling that’ll galvanize Jake. Maybe he’ll even be frickin’ mayor one day–I wouldn’t be surprised if Gray Anderson doesn’t survive much past the beginning of next season. If there is one. If there isn’t a season two, then I’d like to give CBS a good kick in the ass–they can’t leave the plot dangling there 😛

Speaking of shows, is anyone else tired of being yanked around by fragmented TV seasons? I hear that they’re eliminating that with Lost, having 16 new episodes all at once when it comes back. It hurts the ratings of a lot of serial shows when they fragment seasons like that. There’re talks of Jericho & Heroes being cancelled because of those damn breaks, that they’ve gnawed at the ratings so badly that they’ll be cancelled–not because they’re not good shows, but because viewership is less because of those damn breaks. Game called on account of network stupidity 😛 Anyhoo, if what they’re doing with Lost doesn’t become widespread, I might have to quit watching TV altogether and just live on boxsets 😛

My Cubbies are doing well now 😀 After a shaky start, they’re 16-15. They’re ahead of the Cards, so that’s all that matters at this point 😛 lol. Jason Marquis threw a three-hitter last night. Soriano scored the lone run of the game in the 1st inning, a homer off of Gorzelanny. I wish more games were on WGN. Thank you, Bud Selig (ASSHOLIO).

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