And thus begins Geekfest ’07. lol. Actually, I have to get through a day of work, which includes a demo I’m not looking forward to. Bleh! But, after work, Ruthie and I shall be headed to Atlanta. I bet traffic in B’ham is going to be a joy 😛

There’s going to be so much to see there, and so little time to see it all. My Jedi costume has been mended by the lovely Ruthie, the creator of the awesome threads; it had seen lots of action at the last D*C we went to in ’05, so it certainly needed a lil fixing.

Anyhoo, should be a hoot. Pictures shall most certainly be posted, at some point. I’m pretty sure Cristine said she purchased Internet access, so reports shall come in semi-daily 🙂

So, I gave my house a bath today. The exterior is 100% vinyl, so it has accumulated a bunch of mold and webs in the year since I bought the joint. My dad brought over a pressure washer, and it has worked wonders. It got rid of most of the web-age, and has also gotten rid of nearly all of the mold. It was almost like wiping the house with water. I can only imagine the water bill this coming month 🙂 Well worth it, though. Maybe next time I’ll go 4-6 months before pressure washing 🙂 Next spring. Mark it down.

I went with Ruthie and a couple other friends to a Huntsville Stars game last night. For all of you non-Huntsville types, they’re the AA affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers. It was a nice game, though they lost 3-2. I’m only really interested when the West Tennessee Diamondjacks come to town–they’re the AA affiliate of the Cubs 😀 Joe Davis Stadium, where the Stars play, is the most underwhelming stadium you’ve ever seen. It was built in the 80s, and you can absolutely tell they’ve made relatively no effort at renovation. If anything, they’ve regressed; there’s now a chain-link fence in the outfield where a wall used to be. It was a nice game, though, and good company.

I’ve been watching War of the Worlds season 2 on YouTube–actually, I’m in the process of downloading them all from YouTube, too. It really isn’t all that bad; it’s certainly a different show from what it was in the first season. Harrison Blackwood is a completely different character. Unfortunately, it was so “bad” that it’ll probably never make it to DVD and all I’ll have are low-res YouTube downloads *sigh* At least the series did have an end; they knew the series was cancelled so they wrapped things up.

I never got to see the second season of War of the Worlds. When it was aired, my dad thought I was too young to see it. So, I never did see it. I knew that they killed off half of all of the known characters, and that the world was really dark.

I’d like to hoist a Smirnoff to the soul who posted this.