This weekend, I have been witness to what has been a very exciting week in baseball for the Cubbies. At this moment, the Cubs are snockering the Pirates 8-0 and the Braves are whacking the Brewers 7-4. At the end of the day, the Cubs may be 3.5 games into 1st place with 6 games to go.

It’s rather perverse, they’re doing the chop in Wrigley.

So, I may as well say it now and jinx it so that I’ll be disappointed before the playoffs instead of 6 outs before the World Series…I think this is the year 🙂

Very nice weekend, besides all of this Cub goodness. Friday night, I played poker with a number of friends. I lost my shirt, but thankfully we were only playing for chips with nothing behind it.

Saturday was smashing, too, with a party that eve for Matt Pierce’s 30th birthday. Poor bastard, hitting 3 decades. The hippies can’t trust him anymore. Fortunately, I still have 1.25 years until I have to face that 😀

Fall hit early this morning 😀 I’m all about that; it will always be my most favorite season ever.

Seemed like a particularly short one this time around.

Saturday was full of volleyball goodness. It was quite fun. I was sore yesterday afternoon from it. I haven’t had the opportunity to play so much, but it really is one of my favorite sports to play 😀 Baseball being the first, of course.

Saturday night, Ruthie and I saw Shaun of the Dead and Flushed Away. Both are quite awesome; it was Ruthie’s first time seeing Shaun of the Dead and neither of us had seen Flushed Away. I really liked Flushed Away very much.

I loaded Linux on my Palm TX. It’s pretty interesting, although it does seem to reset at least a couple of settings that I’ve seen so far, namely date & time. WiFi and Bluetooth don’t work at this point, but it is kinda cool to play around with. It’s basically a dual boot-type setup. I can start Linux from Palm OS and then reset the device to get back into Palm OS.

w00t! Another weekend 😀 I’m all about that. Too bad it’s not another 3-day one, though *sigh*

So, I’ve been converting movies for my 360. I downloaded Sanctuary this week. It’s a very nice web series, thus far. It stars Amanda Tapping from SG-1/Atlantis. It’s in HD, too. They’re pretty short episodes, 17-20 minutes long. I’ve seen only one episode, but so far it reminds me of The X-Files and Underworld. There’re 8 episodes, and I’m up to number 6 in conversion.

I’ve gotten my first movie off of Unbox from Amazon; A Dog’s Breakfast, the murder-mystery/comedy that stars a bunch of people from SG-1/Atlantis. I must be on some Stargate star kick or something. haha. Anyhoo, Unbox looks nice, but too bad it doesn’t deal out HD content. I’m about to download the pilot to The Bionic Woman from there (the new version by David Eick), which is free for who knows how long.

This Unbox thing is a very interesting concept. I had been pondering getting a TiVo, but this may eliminate that desire. Why pay a bottomless subscription fee (basically rental every month, fixed-fee despite how much you do or don’t use it) when you can purchase as you need it? Mind you, it’s not perfect…but, it seems that all of the series I am interested in are on there. Plus, if there’s any truth to ratings slumps because of TiVos (personally, I think it’s hooey, but I don’t know that for sure), then this seems like a great solution–they get their moola and I get commercial-less content and help to keep the series going. Between Unbox and XBL Marketplace, I might have all the bases covered.

Ruthie has finally seen the season 3 finale of BSG. She seemed most impressed 🙂

Volleyball shall be played today, which is nice. I’m all about some of that. I’m kinda meh when it comes to volleying, but I’m dynamite when it comes to serving 😀

The Cubs are in 1st place by 1.5 games with 15 games to go. Oooooh, if they could hold out. hehe. If they can’t, they probably won’t win the wild card because the Central Division is particularly weak in comparison to all of the others of the MLB. In any case, no matter how they end up doing, it’ll be better than last season–which is good, and maybe it’ll lead to good things next year. Story of a Cubs fan’s life 😉 lol.