So, I’ve been playing WoW for a good bit now…I’ve been 60+ for probably over half of my time playing it. I’ve really been slowing since passing that stage, but I hit 66 this morning. I got a few upgrades to my spells, another talent point, and it also turned out that I’m Revered in Stormwind. I don’t know when the heck that happened, but it meant that I could get a nice Swift White Steed in Elwynn. It’s about time I got a swift one 😛 It’s amazing the difference it makes, too, when you’re running away from baddies. lol.

I’ve also been playing on Linux. Wine seems to treat WoW really well, at this point. I’ve had my difficulty in getting going with it–it initially froze intermittently. But, a few tweaks to the xorg.conf file, and I was good to go. I’m gonna download Portal via Steam tonight and see how that goes. It will be nice, though, if they ever put out a native binary for Linux 😛 (fat chance) But, even if they don’t, Wine can do the job quite nicely.

Ruthie’s birthday present to me got here early. She basically unwrapped the box it was in when I walked in on Thursday night, so she gave it to me early. It’s Seiko automatic watch. It’s really frickin’ cool. I’ve never owned a mechanical watch before. I’ve come as close as analog quartz, but never anything with lil gears in it. Pretty awesome. It stopped last night, and I got quite discouraged. But, this morning Ruthie got it going again. We were both shaking it every which way yesterday, trying to get it going again. It turns out that you have to shake it like a rattle to get the rotor to wind. I guess I’m too slothy for an automatic, so I guess I’ll have to shake it every morning or something. hehe. Small price to pay for never having to replace a battery. lol.

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