Ruthie has completed her first marathon *beams*

Her official time was 5:59:28, regardless what the clock says–apparently, that official race clock doesn’t match the pace times, which are measured relative to when you cross the starting line.

In any case, she found her goal of completing a marathon in around 6 hours. I be so proud 😀

So, through the wonderful site that is my bro’s, I have discovered Pandora. It’s not too stinkin’ bad, thus far. It’s Internet radio. It’s kinda cool, though. You type in an artist or song title, and it plays something by that artist, or the title you’re looking for if available…and then it finds similar tunes.

I typed in Smashing Pumpkins to begin with, and then it played some Nirvana, Bush and Pearl Jam afterwards.

I had played a bit with iTunes for Internet radio, but this might be a bigger winner–for one, because firefox consumes less resources than iTunes.

Of course, it wouldn’t make me ditch my mp3 library, but it would be pretty cool for some music while in an airport or while on the lappy at Starbucks or something.