Ooooh, very good…

So, the Old Man let Starbuck go. I figured he certainly would.

I can just imagine the end of the series…Roslin dies of cancer only to wake up in a resurrection tub 😛

Pretty awesome, the going away for Lee…very much Naval tradition, that last scene with him on the hangar deck.

Bad things going on with the Cylons. I’m thinking this new faction is going to be responsible for resurrecting the “3” model. She was the one who saw the final of the final five, so I figure that they’re going to be the ones to give in to curiosity–prolly somehow by necessity, of course.

Tornado warnings abound around here. Boooooo!!! I only saw a lot of rain, lightning and wind today, fortunately. I think it’ll be pretty nice tomorrow, though.

It’s the weekend! w00t!

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