They did not totally arrive at a post-apocalyptic Earth, did they? FRAK!! That’s just frickin’ insane!

Lee made a good president, for the short time he was prez.

It totally figured that Tory was the first to be revealed, evil and backstabbin’ Cylon that she is 😛

10 episodes left…I’m guessing it’ll lead to the ultimate apocalypse where the humans and remaining Cylons nearly obliterate each other. In any case, I don’t think the alliance will last all that long, particularly since I’m sure that the humans will blame the Cylons for the burned out cinder that they landed on.

The question in my mind is, of course, what happened? Human vs human nuclear war? Did Cavil & Company beat them there and wipe everyone out?

I have to wait until fraking January, at least? :\ BOOOOOOOOO!!!!! *chunks spit wads at the president of SciFi* They have no good ideas for TV to replace it, so they have to take it out on the fans by leaving us hanging 😛

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