Movie Goodness

So, we had another movie night on this eve. It was glorious. We had spaghetti for dinner, which turned out quite well–it’s hard to screw that up, though I did screw up the first batch of garlic bread 😐

We watched The Neverending Story. It has been literally decades since I’ve seen that movie all the way through. Elementary school, certainly. Wow. Anyway, it was a lot funnier than I remember it, probably because of the company 🙂 There were all kinds of Freudian references that I certainly wouldn’t have caught as a 5 or 6 year old watching it for the first time. hehe.

The past weekend was grand, too. Ruthie and I went to see the Blue Angels at Huntsville International Airport on Saturday. That was absolutely stupendous. We saw a B-25 take to the skies. The C-130 for the Blue Angels, “Fat Albert” was totally awesome. Interesting, as we were watching the movie tonight, two C-130s flew overhead into the airport.

Anyhoo, enough of this. I am tired. To sleep I go.

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