UGH!!! (politics)

“John McCain voted against the minimum wage.” — Joseph Biden

I heard that on NPR this morning. I was in a foggy haze of a sleep while I was booting up, so I don’t know if he muttered that at the DNC or what…

Not only is the statement false, but he was apparently for an increase. The only difference was the Democrats were all for raising the minimum wage all the way up to $7.25 in one swoop whereas McCain was all for ramping it up incrementally over time.

Generally, raising the minimum wage so drastically can potentially hurt such employees more than help. When the minimum wage is raised, particularly so drastically as the Democrats wanted them to be raised, businesses have two choices: either lay-off a proportion of workers to make up for the difference, or raise prices of products to make up for that same difference.

At least McCain’s incremental approach might have softened the blow.

But, obviously McCain isn’t for the “little guy” at all.

I was discussing this with a co-worker the other day. He put forth the notion that perhaps Obama didn’t have a choice in his running mate, that someone chose for him. I mean, geez…for a guy like Biden to be so irrational and misrepresentative of the truth…you’d think he was a politician or something 😉

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