I mean, just…WoW

For all of those WoW geeks out there, I went to Karazhan for the second time last night. I didn’t get any purples. Booooo! However, it was still a fun experience and I did get some G out of the deal. We didn’t make it near as far as we did the first time, and wiped a number of other times. Fortunately, the guild bank is stoked and repairs were therefore very much diminished in price from what they would’ve been 🙂

I”ve been doing more dailies, of-late, than I had before. The desire to WoW seems to come in spurts for me. It’s certainly ramping up again, since we’re a mere month away from the release of the new expansion.

This weekend has been pretty okie. Ruthie has been away in Louisville to see the Ballet and her nephew 🙂 I think she’s uberly more excited about the latter than the former 😀 I can’t say I blame her. She’s been seeing him about once a month for the past few months…a great contrast to the once every three months before. I’m watching the pups. They’re very good dogs, although Higgins (the black pug) is a rather finicky eater.

I was a wee bit under the weather on Friday, but I think I’m better now. I had a game fest yesterday, besides WoW. I caught up on some Oblivion and played a bit of Lego Star Wars on the PS3.

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull coees out on Tuesday! It wasn’t the worst Indy film, although wasn’t the best, either. It was above Temple of Doom, certainly. Still, I’m most certainly going to add it to the fledgling Blu-ray collection.

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