Wisdom Teeth

Argh, I hate the critters! I have one on the bottom left of my mouth which is irritating me. It sort of escalated overnight and robbed me of my sleep. It sucks! It makes me realize how babies feel when they’re teething. Hopefully, it will take nothing more than some pain killers and time…I really don’t want to have them removed if I don’t have to. But, if they don’t fit then there’s not much choice.

Fortunately, Ruthie recommended a really nice dentist. They have a spot at 4 tomorrow. I just need to make it until then :\ In the meantime, today is a catch up on sleep day. I don’t think a zombie programmer is generally a good one. haha.

An interesting thing about this particular wisdom tooth is its color. It’s a bit brownish, which is possibly connected to tetracycline use. I guess it really didn’t pay to have acne back in middle school. haha.

In brighter news, last weekend was wonderfully awesome. Ruthie and I went to her 10 year reunion in Louisville. The company was great, Ruthie looked smashing and she had some very interesting classmates. She didn’t get to see any of her closer friends, but she did get to see at least a few people she knew.

I saw Dawn of the Dead for the first time last night. Worst. Movie. Ever.

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