I finally got a data plan this week. It’s my very first ever. The phone I got is a Samsung Omnia. I had been tempted just to switch over to AT&T and get an iPhone, but Verizon has just been too good to me. Their coverage is wonderful, and I know more than a couple people who want to switch to Verizon from AT&T just for that reason. The only problem I’ve ever had with coverage was in Minnesota.

Anyhoo, the phone is pretty cool. It has a 5MP camera, which is 1MP better than the Kodak EasyShare that I have. The image quality is pretty awesome. Below is the lovely Ruthie.

Ruthie Pic

The phone also does video fairly well, up to 640×480. Not too bad, for a phone. YouTube on the go is now a reality, if I ever find anything funny or sensational enough to put up there. lol.

I’m not really running Windows much anymore, so I’m relying on a VM and samba to get files back and forth–e.g., music and videos to fill up the 8GB of capacity in this puppy.

I tethered the phone to my lappy this morning, so I know that it is possible. That’s another reason why having a Windows Mobile device is nice–it’s fairly easily hackable. It’ll be good for any places where WiFi isn’t around…certainly better than relying on NetZero or something, me thinks. Verizon has a 5GB/mo cap. As long as I just use Verizon for surfing, I don’t think I’ll come close to that…no WoW on that connection. lol.

To fund the phone, I eBayed off my iPod Touch and KRZR. While the Touch was awesome, the idea of having everything in one was intriguing; now I don’t need two separate devices on me. Also, Windows Mobile has certainly come along nicely. It’s still not as slick as the iPhone in interface, but in features it delivers everything I need and then some.

In other news, it just won’t stop raining around here. My folks were headed to Mesa today for spring training, and I certainly hope that they’ll get nothing but sun out there–we usually have before. The Cubs are 3-0, so they’re headed into AZ with the Cubs playing well for these first few days in exhibition.

Galactica is just all fraked up. It’ll be really interesting to see how these last three episodes shape up (technically 4, but they’re airing the last two on the same night).

Frodo, Ruthie’s new pug, graduates from puppy training tomorrow…cap, gown and all. Maybe I should buy him a steak 🙂 There will be pictures, so I’ll post them when I get the chance 😀