BSG’d (Finale Edition)

So, the end of BSG was pretty fraking awesome. We watched all 2 hours of Daybreak, Part 2 on Friday. The end of the series was very poetic, and the way they tied up all of the characters’ situations was really quite spectacular.

The ship is nearly a broken hulk, but they take the Old Girl for a spin, anyway. The part where they ram the ship into the Colony was absolutely spectacular. The battle scene for this reminds me of the end DS9, though really the entire episode seems to harken back to that particular finale.

One of the more disturbing parts of that episode was after you think everything is going to be quite alright, and then things go back into the pooper again when Tyrol finds out about what Tory did to Cally. It all flies apart just as speedily as it all came together. Cavil taking a gun to his head really disturbed me, for some reason. The entire scene was one rooted in tumultuous chaos, obviously, and the flavor of everything that transpired was certainly a foul one.

After they jump away, the ship is literally on its last legs. The way the ship bucked like a bronco after that final jump was pretty frickin’ wicked. My brother brought up a good point that, given “The Last Frakking Special” we saw before the episode, it was all obvious that Adama was going to be the last off the ship. However, seeing the way the ship reacted to the last jump had me wondering if they were all going to die in space.

So, my theory is…and maybe it’s obvious at this point, or perhaps there’s something I’m missing…that the nuked out cinder that they went to in the first half of the season wasn’t the Earth that we know. OR, perhaps the only habitable remaining portions of the planet at that point just happened to be the scattered points that they all ended up going to. But, given that Adama sort of named the planet with Roslin at the end there, I would think more that this was the new Earth.

The most awesome part of all, of course, was their final farewells to the characters. The way they sent Starbuck off was very fitting. I don’t know if I really knew she was an angel all along, but we all knew there certainly wasn’t something quite right about her after she came back. Also, the explanation of what Head Six and Head Baltar were neatly ties this metaphysical plot together.

Oh, and the digging up of the bones of Hera…wow…

I’m definitely going to miss that show. It had its moments of ups and downs. Most people I know either totally hated it or totally loved it. But overall, when you look at the whole picture, I think it’s a pretty fraking awesome story.

I saw a preview for Caprica. It looks interesting, but I don’t know if it can capture me the way BSG has. We’ll see. I will certainly keep an open mind. It looks like an electronic and DVD version come out next month, with the official premiere being in the fall…interesting test-bed for the show.

“The Plan”, another BSG movie, is forthcoming. I’m looking forward to that. I’ve heard it’s similar to how they examined other characters in Lost–the attacks from the Cylon point of view.

Oh, and they also had a teaser for Stargate: Universe. I’ll definitely tune into that one.

We had a yardsale this weekend; our pre-marital “get a bunch of stuff out of our hair” kind of yardsale. We did fairly well, getting rid of about 2/3 of what we were selling. We may have another in a month or two, to try to get rid of some more things.