Geekin’ Out

So, I got an iPad. It is not an awful device, so far. The lack of Flash is not all that bothersome, to this point. Typing on it is a smidge awkward, but not too bad. I would definitely refrain from writing the great American novel it, though. I think once I get used to the spacing of the on screen keys, i will get a bit better with it.

Courtesy of an iTunes gift card so thoughtfully given to me by my mom in law, I bought a few apps for it. The coolest game I got is a racing game called Asphalt 5. I also got Worms HD, a star chart program which is quite full of spiffy, mahjong (I have yet to have owned a mobile device on which I didn’t have a mahjong game)…there is an iPad version of Scrabble similar to what I have on my iPhone, but I didn’t thunk that was worth the bucks for it. I installed the iPhone version of SimCity, but it seems that most non-ported iPhone apps look rather terrible when upscaled.

Surfing is very similar to a desktop experience, given the resolution of the screen; no need to head to mobile versions of sites on this puppy. For most sites, I also don’t feel the need to zoom in as I do on the iPhone.

What is majorly awesome, though, is the Kindle app…mainly because I bought some Kindle books already, on my old Kindle (which has now found an enthusiastic user in Ruthie). What I am really looking for is an iPad version of Stanza, another eBook reader that reads plain txt files, something that this iPad app doesn’t do.

There is supposedly a jailbreak on the way which I will certainly partake in. At least I will be able to multitask in that way until fall when the iPad gets the 4.0 OS.

All-in-all, not a bad device, so far. I wouldn’t mind checking out a ‘droid tablet, too, as they step up, but this has been a very nice first tablet in the meantime.