D*C: Day One

We saw some pretty awesome things the first day. We went to a Battlestar Galactica panel, which featured Edward James Olmos, Richard Hatch, and Kandyse McClure. It was a nice panel, though, Olmos sometimes gets a little preachy. Go figure, the Admiral 😉 So say we all.

The next panel we went to featured Dominic Keating. He played Lt. Malcolm Reed on Star Trek: Enterprise. It wasn’t a bad panel, either, though it was far less populated and featured one person, in particular, who asked questions. I’m pretty quiet and shy about asking questions, myself, mostly because I’m not in the biz and really don’t know what a question of true substance would be 🙂 I’m sure they’ve all been asked questions across the gamut, and I generally don’t wanna ask something that’s been gone over again and again.

We tried to go to a Walking Dead panel, but it got canceled. Instead, we were inundated by some dude who apparently worked for the show. I believe he was the panel moderator, and he was the most annoying ever–if only because it seemed like he really liked to listen to the sound of his own voice. I haven’t not gotten to not see many panels in my times at D*C, but I really wish we just flat-out hadn’t gotten into this one–would’ve saved some time and my ears.

As we walked around, we saw a number of different cool costumes. I think the best one, however, was the simplest little tribute to Sharknado, a “B” movie that was produced by SyFy.

To cap off the evening, though, Keith and I hit up the Quiz-O-Tron 2000, a panel that featured a trivia game of science questions. It was hilarious, mostly because only maybe 1/3 of people up there were scientists. The coolest guest up there, besides Phil Plait (an astronomer) was Bill Corbett, star of MST3K and RiffTrax. He came pretty close to actually winning.