D*C: Day Three

Our first panel today was George Takei. It was kind of a disappointment, mostly because I didn’t realize it wasn’t on the Trek Track. Some of what he said was quite interesting, not the least of which being his involvement in the LA subway system. But, it got mostly political and it just ended up pissing me off. But, it still wasn’t the worst panel ever–the Walking Dead one where the cast didn’t show up holds that honor, but only because of the annoying moderator 🙂

We were going to try to squeeze into a Futurama voice acting panel just after, not the least of which because the current season is the last one for that show. Alas, it couldn’t be. You can’t really do one panel right after the other at D*C, because of how many people attend these things–you generally have to plan your schedule such that you have at least an hour (maybe two) to wait in line. Anyhoo, we ended up playing some Munchkin for a little while.

After which, we waited a couple hours or so to finally get into a successful Walking Dead panel. Unfortunately, the annoying moderator was still flapping his gums before the panel began *sigh*

Our last panel of the evening was the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company. Their feature that evening was a radio version of War of the Worlds; it wasn’t like Welles’ version of it, because it was more congruent to the plot of the novel–with a few twists of its own (e.g., a professor named Moriarity using biological weaponry to take down the Martians).