Dragon Con 2014, part deux

Things have been pretty awesome, so far, this year. Sadly, already we are over halfway though. I have dreams about this every year, and always it goes by far too rapidly. I can’t wait to bring little Zoey here and show her the awesomeness.

Anyhoo, went to a few pretty awesome panels yesterday and today. Most of it was Star Trek related. The best one, though, was probably the Patrick Stewart and Gates McFadden one this particular afternoon.


Saw a screening of Prelude to Axanar this evening. That was astoundingly cool. I had seen the video on YouTube this week, but the enthusiasm in this panel may just drive me to contribute to the kick starter to make this thing a full-fledged movie.


About to check out a podcast panel called Night Attack. Never heard of it. Funny, how many things are new to me at Dragon Con that I just lap up and assimilate…I’ll probably be a fanboy by next year 😉

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