Ok…so, yea…that writing thing…

Well, keeping up with this thing is harder than I thought 😉 So, yea…Zoey has grown a bit since the last post. lol. She has most of a full set of teeth now, she babbles like nobody’s business, and really digs music.


She’s on the verge of walking. She has taken three steps over two separate occasions now. Just today, she took two just to get to a TV remote. She really digs the lights on it, I think.

Missing Dragon Con. We won’t be going this year, in favor of selling our house and getting a new one. That’ll take a bit of payola and such. We’ll probably take a few weekend trips here and there, though–particularly for our anniversary. We don’t have any particular house in mind. We haven’t been looking too hardcore, to this point–going to wait until the house is sold, or at least on contract, so as to hopefully lessen the stress of it all. No use in drooling over a house when we can’t get into that house right now.

Been playing Grand Theft Auto V. Awesome game, just awesome. I’ve mostly been playing the online portion of it. I’m not getting stomped too badly by online players, though most seem to be generally decent in the mayhem they cause–to NPCs, as opposed to me. heh. I have a car that pretty much resembles a Mustang.

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