Separated by 16 years of “courageous” Apple innovation, on the left is the model of laptop that got me through college, particularly used in Unix class, a bit of socket tomfoolery in Networking class and for note taking in everything else–and it played UT99 and 04 just fine–the iBook G3. On the right is the new hotness, the 2018 MacBook Air. Entry level sure does look a little sleeker these days 😉

For three or four generations, Star Wars has been a thing. The saga has had its ups and downs, tuned narratives, and all kinds of fan controversy. This puts it all a bit in perspective, that all our perceptions are, largely, generational. There are people in generations subsequent to mine who seem to think the prequels are quite good, Jar Jar aside. I’m sure subsequent generations may find the Disney trilogy more than acceptable, as context to current fan ire fades off with time. I do hope for a fine end to the Skywalker Saga in December.