Been working on a podcast downloader for use with Plex, since Plex decided to take away podcasts–basically I keep the ones I wanna retain long-term in a library collection now. The downloader is a simple BASH script. Seems to be nearly perfected, even adds metadata (track #, cover art, etc) to the downloaded mp3.

I think my last little issue is that I need to have it rename all the files whenever episodes hit a factor of 10 (e.g., if there are 10 episodes, episode one should be “01 – Title”, when it hits 100, episode one should be renamed to “001 – Title”). It’s a little thing–I just like my files sorting properly by name, no matter what OS I’m listing them in. And Linux sorts in lexicographical by default, as opposed to natural order 🙄

Some guys work in the garage on Saturday mornings–I work on code 🤣