Starry Night (minus the stars)

Last night was quite awesome. I went to VBAS and listened to a NASA Payload expert speak about the space station. It was quite an interesting talk; he talked about the construction of the station, where it is today, and hopes for the future. I’m actually thinking of rejoining VBAS–back when I participated with my dad, it seemed like there was an informal membership to all family members of VBAS members. Anyway, it’ll give me an excuse to take some road trips with my telescope, and finally get to some wide open dark skies 🙂

I’m watching Stargate: Atlantis at the moment. It looks like it’s staying fairly true to Stargate lore in the basic ways, at least in the fact that there’s a Stargate. The premise almost reminds me of Star Trek: Voyager; they’re trapped on the other side of the known universe with no forseeable way home. Hopefully, they won’t make the same mistakes in plot that Voyager made. The baddies in this one seem to make the Goa’uld seem like punk kids.

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