Lousy Stinkin Short Weekends

It seems that since I graduated college in December, the weekends are seemingly shorter now that I am working full-time. It’s kind of a drag, that’s for sure. Maybe I should start on my Masters so that I can get back to those infinite-like weekends 🙂 I’ve been musing getting my Masters in Computer Science and also a second Bachelors in Astrophysics. Working for the university has some perks, especially free tuition 🙂 May as well take advantage of it. Keith thinks that I have reached a new plateau of nerd-dom in that I wanna get a degree “just for the heck of it” 🙂

If I do start on it in the fall or spring, I don’t think I feel as pressured as I did the first time around–a Masters is quite optional, and I can actually pace myself this time around a lil more and not feel like I need to kill myself getting to the finish line. That and, strangely enough (I may delete this line later), I miss school.

Anyway, today was a nice quiet sunday at the folks. We saw the Cubbies fall to the Brewers 4-2 *sigh*, but we also watched that M. Night Shyamalan special on SciFi. It was pretty much what I thought it would be–hokey promotional drivel for “The Village”. I still wanna see that movie; I think it will be atypical to what I’ve seen in the previous three biggies (The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable and Signs).

Off to dream land.

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