If Penny Bites My Foot One More Time..

So today was just kind of your average day in Kevin Land. I downloaded some musc tonite *GASP* I haven’t done that in ages.. I’ve been too busy copying DVDs *evil, devilish laugh* I’m going to hell, I know. Hey, at least I’ll have a pretty good movie library to usher me out of this world. haha.

Did a good bit of gaming tonight. Haven’t done any real hardcore gaming in a while, and I should most certainly be punished for that. lol. Supposedly, I’m hosting the LAN this month at my place. We’ll see–no one has signed up on the website for it. I hope it doesn’t fall through, because I got quite addicted to Call of Duty at the last LAN 🙂 I’m probably going to get into Star Wars: Galaxies quite soon. I’ve heard it’s as crack addictive as EverQuest.

Cubs actually won today, but they’re still slipping badly. They’re 10 GB and only in 2nd place by 0.5 games. I really don’t think the baby bears are getting anywhere, but we shall see. Even if they don’t, it’s strangely zenful; watching them play every weekend. Of course, it’s all like going home again–minus the kewl pizza.

Anyhoo, I’m off to watch some ATHF and then slip away into blissful unconsciousness.

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