Slackin and Yackin

I don’t know what it is; my phone has been off the hook tonite.. Am I really that popular? lol. Nah. At least they were kewl people and not posers 🙂

Matt has invited me to a “They Might Be Giants” concert on Friday evening. It should be quite the hoot; I’ve never seen them live and I hear they can be quite the fun group to see. I don’t go to many concerts. In fact, I think the last one I went to was Cake a couple of years ago. I really would like to see Jump one day, if they ever happen to be around Nashville or Atlanta.. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t come to pidley little Alabama, but I guess you never know.

Today was fairly kewl. I coded some software that none of us ever thought was remotely possible. It’s good to know that all that book learnin’ about programming and software development stuff actually paid off. lol. Whenever I get in the zone when I’m coding, I seem to slip out of any standard temporal frame of reference and, before I know it, it’s already 4:00 and time to head home. I wish that would happen more often 🙂

Looks like the tire on my Ion is low already :\ I got the car about 3 months ago, and already it’s giving me lip. How rude can you get?

Anyhoo.. Off to do that sleep thing I do this time of night.

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