What the HECK was I eating?

I had the strangest & trippiest dream last night. Maybe it was the article I read yesterday about all of the solar activity that sparked it. It’s all fading now, but I dreamt that the sun was going nova. I think I remember watching an Outer Limits along these same lines.

Humanity had an afternoon of warning. So, as the planet got hotter, I spent the afternoon making peace with everyone and saying goodbye to all of my friends and family. When the end was swiftly approaching, I was in church; but it wasn’t my own. And there was a woman priest, which made Confession quite interesting. lol. It was hotter than blazes; a lot of people had lost consciousness. I was calling everyone I could–for some reason, the cell network was still working. When the sun was finally about to explode, I was speaking to my brother–I don’t know where he was, but I was speaking to him on the phone. We were about to watch the world end together when, for some reason, it all stopped. I really don’t know why it stopped, especially since it was at this point that I woke up.

This would make a great short story, if it hadn’t been written already. lol. But, perhaps I’ll put it to disk, anyway, and perhaps post the link here–I’ll just have to fill in the details and the ending, but it might make a good one. Especially since it involves me, my family and friends.. And all of humanity, of course.

It was quite the dramatic dream, but the instant I woke up the astronomer in me took over. Theroretically our sun, being an average-sized G-type star, wouldn’t go nova in such a way unless something really strange acted upon it. Stars that go nova in that way are usually smaller and quicker-burning. The sun will expand, but it’ll take a few billion years for it to engluf Earth. Anyway, while it was a really sad dream, my brain quickly reassured me as I woke up. Go brain! 🙂

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