Memory Lane

So, before coming to the boonies of Alabama, my family used to live in a Chicago suburb called Streamwood. It was a nice little town; it kinda reminds me of Madison, where I live now–only a good bit kewler. It was fairly close to Chicago which meant museums, Cubs, and a darn good time chillin’ downtown while eating some kick butt pizza from Gino’s East on Ontario & Wells.

I was surfing a good bit online today, going down memory lane. I looked up my first school, Oakhill Elementary. It has kind of an ugly website, very old content, and little useful content. But, still–it was good to see that the school is still there in the old neighborhood. The only familiar name on the whole site was Mrs. Wohlever, my 3rd grade teacher.

I also looked up the high school I would’ve gone to had we stayed there. I cruised the guest book a bit, to see if there was anyone I knew. I think there was one, but I moved when I was 10, which is a good frickin while ago–I’m gettin frickin old 🙁

Anyhoo, she was listed as being an AOL address. It’s been like 15 years, but perhaps this person might remember me–or perhaps my name will be as familiar to her as hers was to me.

All that surfing around made me realize how much I miss Chicago. I miss it enough when I go back there every year, and I never get tired of going back. And it’s always good to visit it vicariously through the web 🙂

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