Techno Weenie

Well, I’ve finally made it to the 21st century. Not only do I have the state of the art Athlon in my system, and a pretty kick butt ATI vid card, but now I have a new monitor 🙂 It happens rarely, for sure, that I would splurge. So you should count yourselves lucky to witness such an earth shattering event. How on earth will your reality ever be the same? 😉 Here’s what the lil lass looks like:

She’s such a pretty lil one. I’ve done a lil bit of gaming tonite on it, and it seems to very much kick some major arse–all 17″ of her. I’ve been so used to CRTs that this seems so concave to me. lol. It’s something to get used to, for sure.

I’m quite glad that tomorrow is Friday. I’m having some friends over on Saturday for a little LAN action. We’ll most likely be playing some UT2004 and perhaps some Call of Duty, if they happen to have the game. Should be quite the kewl day/evening/night. Usually, we play from noon to midnight–or whenever everyone gets tired.

Anyhoo, tomorrow nite should be kewl, too.. I’m going to see The Village with the bro. If the movie is even half as good as Signs or The Sixth Sense then it’ll be well worth it, indeed.

Off for some more gaming 😀

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