Where did summer go? :-(

All of this false autumn made me realize how quickly summer has passed. It seemed to pass even quicker than when I was in college, although for the last 2.5 years of college I usually did the class thing during the summer. It seems like yesterday te were just crawling out of winter. It’s not that I mind, fall just happens to be my favorite season; winter is just around the corner, the World Series is played, and there’s always Halloween.

I got a new camera, so I could make spiffier pictures when I’m in Chicago–it’s basically 2x the one that I had. But, the amazing part is that it does movies, too 🙂 I’m certainly no expert on digital cameras, so it just plain amazed me that they put that feature into what I would consider just a plain old still-shot camera. Oh, the miracle of 21st century technology. I await the day when just about everyone has a robot made just to feed their cats 🙂 Oh, and not to mention the flying cars.

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