Nothing much to report from the front. I’m quite excited about going to Chicago, though. It should be quite the hoot. Plenty of pictures will be taken, for sure. I need to wear my new camera out–i mean in, a bit 😀 Anyhoo, they’ll prolly be on my website sometime after I make my triumphant return.

It’s my first vacation and all, as far as work goes. I’ve reached a milestone.. Next thing to come will be family and kids. lol. Well, maybe not for a while yet. It’s just kinda strange, actually going away on a nice lil fun trip and getting paid for all that time off. It really is quite kewl. If you haven’t tried the average Joe (sorry, Joe) life on, then I would definitely recommend it. hehe.

Anyhoo, nothing much going down tonight. Laundry, perhaps a DVD or two, and getting set up for the LAN tomorrow (WOO HOO). Gaming galore. I always like this time of month 🙂