Go Cubs Go

Nothing much to report from the front. I’m quite excited about going to Chicago, though. It should be quite the hoot. Plenty of pictures will be taken, for sure. I need to wear my new camera out–i mean in, a bit 😀 Anyhoo, they’ll prolly be on my website sometime after I make my triumphant return.

It’s my first vacation and all, as far as work goes. I’ve reached a milestone.. Next thing to come will be family and kids. lol. Well, maybe not for a while yet. It’s just kinda strange, actually going away on a nice lil fun trip and getting paid for all that time off. It really is quite kewl. If you haven’t tried the average Joe (sorry, Joe) life on, then I would definitely recommend it. hehe.

Anyhoo, nothing much going down tonight. Laundry, perhaps a DVD or two, and getting set up for the LAN tomorrow (WOO HOO). Gaming galore. I always like this time of month 🙂

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