There was a pretty nifty eclipse last nite, for those of you who went to bed early. I almost thought we were going to miss it because of all of the clouds that had been overhead all day. But, about when the eclipse began, the heavens opened up to show us a very red moon. It was quite uber spectacular.

Nothing much has been going down. I can’t believe it’s almost Halloween already. This year is very much flying by. Next thing I know, the Cubbies will be in the midst of spring training and Episode III will be hitting theatres *drool*

The Boston Red Sox won the World Series last night, clinching the frickin’ series in 4 games. If the Cubbies had been there, I know they would’ve put up much more of a fight. I would’ve watched the game, but was too busy whoopin’ my brother in Call of Duty 🙂 Truth be told, he normally whoops me, but I somehow busted out the whoopin’ stick on him last night. I’ll still always whoop his butt at Age of Empires 🙂