Pretty dang good weekend. I’m watching the Farscape marathon on Sci-Fi on my Monday off. I know about as much about this series as I did when I started watching SG-1: relatively nothing. That’s what I definitely love these marathons. This is a frickin awesome series; I hope I don’t go out and buy the DVD box sets in my enthusiasm again. haha. It might not be a bad thing. One thing I think I will never buy are the X-Files box sets.. They’re way too overpriced for words, in comparison to pretty much every other box set out there. XF was an awesomely kewl series and all, but not that kewl.

The playoffs (baseball) are in full-swing.. Of course, since the Cubbies aren’t there, I don’t care all that much. But, I find it strange that this is one of those few years in which I hope that the Braves win the Divisional Series. The Astros are tied with them right now. The only downside to the Astros losing would be that I think the Astros would probably have a better chance against the Cardinals; and yet I really don’t want a Central Division team getting to the Big Show. Argh.

Christopher Reeve died today 🙁 He was only 52. He had definitely come a long way since he broke his neck in 1995; I thought he’d eventually walk again like he said he would.

Sucks when you’re the only one around with a Monday off. lol.