This has really been an uberly nice weekend of relaxation. It was definitely awesome, since I’ve been running around here and there and everywhere the last couple of weeks. The running around was definitely worth every moment, but it’s definitely quite nice to have had a weekend to recover 🙂

I watched Battlestar Galactica this afternoon after getting it from Wal-Mart last night. It was better watching it the second time 🙂 I only hope the series will do it justice. I have my fingers crossed. The storyline seems more coherent than the original 70s version, and the characters seem much more real to me. It’s definitely a good beginning. We’ll see.

Now.. On with the show!! Here are some kewl people, and why I think they’re uber spiffy..

  • garibaldicu: 9 years definitely goes by quite fast. I’m definitely glad that I spent that time being your friend, whether from across town or across the country. I’m glad to have a fellow geek as such a good friend. You are kewl because you’ve been a constant companion in a good bit of my life, and I hope that you are there for years to come–and that we’ll argue about the newest processors and FSB speeds in the wheelchair races in the Old Folks Home. haha.
  • pktaxwench: Getting introduced to you back in 1998 was the most awesome experience. Not only did I whoop you a bit in laser tag *snicker*, but I also eventually got a very good friend out of the deal. I hope you’re just as constant in my life as Joe and all my friends have been. What makes you most awesome is your ability to understand the male psyche. It’s something I’ve never known in a girl before, and it makes you a most powerful instrument of kewlness. You’ve made me understand a good bit about myself. And you’re as fun a person to be around as any geek 🙂
  • altafass: I haven’t known you for very long, but you are most definitely the shiznit. You seem to be a very nice and sweet girl, and I hope that you will be a good friend for years to come, as well–in the Vortex and on Earth 🙂 What makes you very kewl is your ability to go where everyone has gone before–beating me at Literati. lol. I also agree with Joe in that you’re very funny. You’re definitely worthy to be a GiT 🙂
  • catgurl24: I’ve known you a good little bit through that geekish place called IRC. It’s people like you that make me glad that I’m an IRC geek 🙂 I hope that we keep in touch for years to come, even if IRC goes the way of the do-do. What makes you kewl is that you’re a great bit of proof to me that being online can definitely bring people of great distance together, even without having ever met.
  • laxducky: I only met you on New Year’s Eve, but I can already tell that you’re a pretty rocking person. You’re a sports chick, which is definitely a plus for any guy (geek or otherwise). What makes you really cool, though, is your inner strength. You’ve been through a lot within the past few months, and you seem to be taking it all relatively well–at least if your LJ really has anything to say about it. Plus you can put up with me full of Soju and still be sane 🙂

Well, anyhoo.. The week starts tomorrow *sigh* Maybe this week will go by as fast as the last. I can’t believe I’ll be twenty-frelling-six on Wednesday. How crazy is that? Maybe I could stop the clock right there or something. As if I could be that lucky 😉 Heck, I’m lucky enough that I can still see w/o glasses. hehe.