Well, well, well.. It’s been a while..

The rest of the trip to Disney World was totally awesome. Coronado Springs was a pretty decent hotel, about 10 minutes away from any given park.

The worst park by far, in terms of hoardes of people, was the Magic Kingdom. There were uber globs in every corner, but it was absolutely horrible in Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. My bro and I did get to ride Space Mountain, but even the Fast Pass had us waiting 4 hours until we could get on–and then a 20 minute wait in line on top of that. Space Mountain was pretty good but, as far as roller coasters go, it wasn’t as uber exciting as most of the coasters at any Six Flags park.

My absolute favorite ride in all of Disney was Mission Space. It was a space sim that gave you the feel of a short little jaunt to Mars. Really, it was a glorified centrifuge with your typical cheesy theme park back plot–but, what’s a space mission ride without a cheesy plot? 🙂 The “mission commander” was Gary Sinise.

I’d say my second favorite ride out of the whole deal was Tower of Terror in MGM. It was a little bit like Space Shot here in Huntsville, only a good bit slower. At least the cheesy back plot for this ride was a Twilight Zone episode 🙂

Another good thing we tried was “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”. It wasn’t the real show, but you could play for points for prizes instead of cash. If you got a million points, you’d win a cruise (Disney cruise, of course). The set was pretty much identical–at least to what I’ve seen on TV. Unfortunately, my fingers weren’t fast enough for fastest finger. D’OH!!

I was a little disappointed in the “House of Innoventions”. It was supposed to be a “home of tomorrow” kind of showcase but it really only contained mostly gadgets we’d find in a number of homes today–internet-enabled refridgerators, HDTVs (although the HDTV in the tub was kind of kewl), voice recognition systems. I think the kewlist useful future gadget I did see in there was a biometric lock for the house in which you’d unlock the outer doors with your thumbprint.

The Candlelight Processional on Christmas Eve was very nice, although it was freakishly cold. Besides the first night and last day we were there, it was very very cold and cloudy; it stayed in the 40s and 50s. Anyhoo, all the Processional turned out to be was a Christmas story narration with musical interludes. Fortunately, it wasn’t a hokey Disney show.

I’ve been working yesterday and today. Today’s a little tough, since I’m the only one here.

Ahh, well.. Off to Colorado tomorrow to do the New Years thing with some friends. Should be a hoot 🙂 Haven’t seen a couple of them since DragonCon. w00t. Flying into Chicago, which is just awesome–even if I have to get right on another flight and leave right away.. Maybe I could find some Chicago pizza somewhere in the airport, if I’m lucky 🙂

Chillin in Disney! w00t. They charge $10 frelling dollars per day for internet access, so I might do every other day on the net.. They really know how to charge out the arse, that’s for frelling sure. It’s not even wireless, either, as advertised.. But, I think I’d take 100Mbps over 11 or 54 any day..

The trip down was alright, I suppose.. I watched ROTK for much of the way. The extended version is totally a must get for those doofuses who haven’t gotten it yet 😛 Nothing plot-essential was really added, as always.. Just bonus stuff, really. Enough for any LOTR-head to drool over, for sure.

Tomorrow night, we get to see Gary Sinise tell the Christmas Story. I guess it’s a bit of a substitute for Midnight Mass–without the Communion, of course. I’m pretty sure it’s a story about the birth of Christ, and not some bubbly Mickey’s Christmas Carol thing–although that would still be fairly entertaining. Anyhoo, there’s a big fancy dinner to go along with it. It should be quite uber nice.

I’m not sure which park we’re going to do tomorrow–I guess it’ll be kind of a flip-a-coin kind of day. The past two times we’ve been here, we’ve started at the Magic Kingdom.. I wouldn’t mind that at all, as I have never been on the Tower of Terror, or in the new Haunted Mansion 🙂

Anyhoo, I guess I will write a little bit every day offline and post it all in one fell swoop on the last night. I can hopefully live without the hallowed Internet until then 🙂

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Wow. Been a while since my last post. I guess nothing uber has really happened. I had been trying to trudge my away through the last couple of work weeks until the holidays and stuph. Didn’t take much doing; yesterday was my Friday. w00t.

I finally got my frelling phone. I was about to curse Verizon to high heaven; I filed for a lost phone last Wednesday. Monday came around, and no phone had arrived at my place. So, Monday I went over to the local Verizon place for a little bitch-fest, but I stayed nice and level-headed–although I did have to sit there for about 20 minutes waiting to talk to a customer service representative at the 800 number on the phone there. It turned out that they hadn’t even sent the phone yet. So, someone there in the local store set up the phone to ship and said it would take 2-3 days. The phone came yesterday 🙂 Verizon is back up on the awesome list for getting the phone to me overnight. another w00t 🙂 So, now I have my Super Mario ringtone on there and I’m currently tracking people down for numbers–all the numbers I had were on my old phone. Argh. This is what Outlook is for; I really should use it better 🙂

So, we’re leaving for Disney World tomorrow. It should be quite the blast. If anyone wants me to bring anything back, lemme know.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday!

Time for an obligatory Penny shot..

So I lost my frelling cell phone 🙁 It was definitely quite the bummer, since that is my only phone. But, Verizon so graciously spotted me a new one since I had decided to take their insurance when I signed up with them. w00t. I just have to wait a few days for it to come in the mail–which isn’t too bad.. I’m not a real phone yacker, as it is. I think I typically use 125/400 minutes a month. I really don’t know what happened to the old one–perhaps it fell out of my pocket or something. Argh.

It’s quite cold this evening; as I write it is 28 nippy degrees. No frickin snow in sight, though. That’s something I definitely miss about the north, for sure. Heck, I even miss shovelling it.. Shovelling is almost relaxing for me as cutting the grass is. I lit the fireplace for the second time ever. It’s pretty frickin warm, for a gas fireplace. There’s no big chimney to it, so all the heat has nowhere to go but all over my place.

This week is totally crawling along, probably because in one week I’ll be shaking hands with Mickey. w00t. Plenty o’ pics will be taken, for sure. Have to get through this week first, though. Ugh.

I think winter is just about officially here. It’s sad; I could take -40 degrees in Chicago (no wind chill) when I was uber young, but 44 degrees gives me the chills here–even indoors. Lousy stinkin humidity is making my skin thin 😛

I’m definitely ready for a big Christmas break. Only a week-and-a-half to go. w00t. This one is going to be really groovy, though; I don’t think I’ve ever travelled so much during this time of year. It’ll definitely be good to see real mountains again.

I need to go up to Monte Santo and bring my scope. I haven’t been up there to observe in literally years. Shoot, it’s been long enough since I brought my scope anywhere–which I really need to do because the winter skies are the ones I love the most. My favorite deep sky objects are up this time of year, and I’m missing them.

I can’t believe it’s been a frelling year since I graduated. Time has passed in what seems to be a heartbeat. I’ve definitely been enjoying the time in the evening to just chill, read or play games 😀 If I ever grow out of computer games, that will definitely be a sad day. lol. I almost forgot how awesome recreational reading was–just about all of the reading I did in college was school-related and I got uber sick of it.

I haven’t put up any Christmas decorations this year, mostly because I’m going to be gone 80% of the season, so I didn’t really think there was much use. So, since I’m being all Grinchy this year, I’m going to go uber next year 🙂 I’m going to go Grizwold on my apartment. lol. Actually, today I may see if I can get one of the tiny trees that my parents have.. Better to put something up, I suppose.

Penny is mischieviously staring at me

Today was just one of those days where I was totally exhausted by the end of it. I took a nap this evening after work and, when I woke up an hour later, I thought it was 6:15AM instead of 6:15PM. It was quite disorienting and disturbing. I’m glad I had the sense to look at my cell. Penny gave me dirty looks the rest of the evening.

Anyhoo, I spent a good bit of last nite (perhaps too much time) giving my new toy a good shakedown cruise. It’s kind of like an iPod, only with less capacity–and much cheaper. I was going to get a Rio, but the cost of this was actually cheaper than the Rio player and SD cards I was going to get for it. Either way, it is quite the uber sweet little music player.

Other than that, nothing much has been going down. I reserved plane tix for New Year’s. I’m going out to Colorado on New Year’s Eve and I’m coming back on the 2nd. A nice short & sweet little trip, but at least I’ll get to see some good friends 🙂 That’s definitely a huge plus. With the fact that my family is going to Disney World for Christmas, this is going to be one very awesome holiday. Lots of roadtrip-age. Good times, good times.

Matt and Carynn’s wedding was on Saturday. It was a very nice ceremony. It was a mixed wedding; part Catholic, part not. Actually, it was mostly Catholic except that Communion wasn’t involved. Anyway, it was at Visitation in downtown Huntsville. I had never been there before, and it is a very nice church; it’s certainly a tiny one, but there weren’t many people in Huntsville in 1861, either.

Anyhoo, nothing much else to report. Work and sleep, mostly.. And getting ready for the Christmas thing 🙂 Now I must go have my weekly viewing of the Episode III trailer before bed.

I need to bring Penny to the frickin vet or something. She has chewed through my DVI cable for my LCD monitor *sigh* As a bonus, I found out she is also chewing through the power and surge protector cables. ARGH!! This is the main (and really only reason) cats sux0rs; you can’t teach them as well as you can dogs.

Anyhoo, I replaced that cable with a new VGA cable that came with the monitor. I really don’t notice a difference at all–so much for the uber expense of a DVI cable. If there is a difference between the two, I don’t think it’s really all that noticable by the human eye. I played Half-Life 2 and it looked very much the same. Perhaps side-by-side it might look a little different. But not frickin much.

If anything, Penny has given me a reason to see how much DVI really doesn’t gain you much in performance. lol. Stupid frelling cat.

It’s almost Christmas! ARGH! I need to do some shopping.